What does "Abathyr" mean?

Abathyr is the name of a character in a story I wrote.  It was inspired by something I found in my Egyptian Tarot companion book describing the Ab and athyr separately and I combined them, co-opted the new name to mean Mother / Soul / Heart.  The process was completed when I owned both the name and the character as the biggest part of my SELF and began to use it online and off.  If you do a google search for Abathyr you'll find a whole bunch of stuff old and new that may or may not interest.

What about the cancer?

I have metastatic melanoma, a type of skin cancer that has spread to my lymph nodes but so far no further.   I've only been in cancer shock (something like sticker shock for life, but a whole lot worse) since May when I was diagnosed.  At first I joked about it and treated it lightly.  As I've slowly been coming out of shock, I've gone up and down on the emotional roller coaster through depression, terror, denial, relief, grief and so much more.  I'm using this blog to try to make some sense of what's been happening, inside and out.

Is there anything you need?

The most important thing you can do to help at this time is with bills and rent.  I've created a page where you can find out how to contribute large or small dollars to one of my donation portals, or offer to pay one or more of the bills directly.  Since I haven't been able to work I've been in a constant state of terror that I'll get evicted and have to live in my tiny car.  Since I would have to take my two dogs with me, it will be crowded.  Warm, but crowded.  I'm glad I can still joke about it but it's serious.  I'm so freakn about this that I can't think about much else, and I know I should be working on dietary things and emotional things and healing relationships and oh so many other things.