Chemo Brain Fog

"Chemo Fog" the doctor said. "Oh yes, it's a real thing. Lots of patients complain of it, you're not alone."

I can't tell you how much relief I felt, hearing those words. I had been poo-poo'd by my oncologist, made to feel I was whining.  This is the same doctor that looked me up and down, hesitated and then said my fatigue was probably just "stress". I've since requested a new oncologist. Fat shaming on top of everything else?  No thank you. So, to hear that Chemo Fog or Chemo Brain is not only real but quite common was a huge huge HUGE relief.

Now, I know some of it IS stress. And lack of sleep. Going into shock following the cancer diagnosis. Emotions all over the place. But I've been dealing with emotional stuff for a long time. This level of "fog" was something frightening and new and I feared that in addition to cancer I might be facing early Alzheimers.

Thank god I'm not alone experiencing Chemo Brain! I'm just beginning my search for more information and help. The first site I found offers the handy formula "10 Tips for ..." Easy to read and good tips too.

Fighting the Fog: 10 Tips for Coping with Chemo Brain – Choose Hope

Chemo brain is a very real side effect many people experience following cancer treatment. Learn what you can start doing to deal with it effectively.

Source: Fighting the Fog: 10 Tips for Coping with Chemo Brain - Choose Hope

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