What I’ve Done So Far


I want to list what I’ve tried already. I’m not just sitting on my duff whining, trust me. If you know of something not on this list, please do let me know. I’m willing to try anything.

  • Cheaper housing – I know this is NUTS but I’m actually in one of the cheaper rentals in Whatcom county. And apparently there’s a housing shortage in this area atm. It’s truly insane! I thought moving to a cheaper place would be the first best choice, but it doesn’t look like it. Plus I don’t have the resources to do first/last/deposit $, not to mention renting a truck and hiring help to do the move. But I did look for smaller apartments, studios even, and even the studio apartments are more expensive than where I am now.
  • Cancer Center resources – 2 social workers have pointed me to resources and places to try to get help. Mostly they deal with medical issues though. There is a fund to help pay medical bills. I don’t qualify as the fund isn’t meant for rent and food.
  • Applied for disability – sadly I don’t have enough work credits and don’t qualify. No point in reapplying – I asked. It’s not a question of evaluation of my application. They didn’t even read my app. Not enough credits is an automatic “no”.
  • Applied for SSI with Compassionate Cancer “rush” in mid-July – the application is still “being processed”. It’s a set amount, something like $700/month. I have no way to know when or IF I will qualify.
  • Applied for DSHS services – currently getting foodstamps about $180/month on the card. It helps. And I’m looking into a place that donates dog food.
  • Early Retirement – I will hit 62 in November. Retirement will kick in end of January and should be about $650/month. This has been approved. But there’s no way to get it sooner. If I can hold out till after Christmas, I think I’ll be ok.
  • Whatcom county / Bellingham Housing Authority – Section 8 and other houseing assistance — all waiting lists are not just full but closed. All facilities are full except for one that accepts migrant workers.
  • Opportunity Council – they referred me to the Community Resource Center who said they have a limited service to help those who have been evicted. I have to have the eviction notice in my hand and get in line at the first of the month. Apparently the resources go fast, no guarantees I’ll get them. Plus, I’d really rather avoid eviction if at all possible.
  • Salvation Army – offers a one-time service up to $500 assistance. Still waiting to hear back on this. Just heard back. They can’t assist with rent unless you have the eviction notice. I keep trying to be proactive and it’s just not feasible!
  • Catholic Community Services – still waiting to hear back.
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